Audits & Risk Assessments

Protect your people and your business with a Workplace Wing Risk Assessment

Have confidence your site is both compliant and safe with independent advice from Workplace Wing’s height safety experts.

Workplace Wing audits and risk assessments go beyond a mere pass or fail. They’re valuable planning tools.

Workplace Wing works with you to systematically develop a clear picture of the tasks requiring working at heights and provide control measures that meet your statutory requirements and keep your people safe.

Every recommendation is costed to support accurate budgeting. Electronic flexible reporting tools allow you to dissect the recommendations by state, site or priority ranking.

An access audit performed by a Workplace Wing fall prevention inspector will help you:

  • Identify risks
  • Judge the severity of the risk
  • Determine whether existing control measures are effective
  • Plan the action needed to control the risk, and
  • Assess how urgently the action needs to be taken

All this in a highly visual plain English report, complete with colour-coded tables for ready decision-making and budget estimates.

The process begins with on-site assessments of access to:

  • Mechanical plant for maintenance
  • Guttering and storm water for maintenance and repair
  • External lighting for maintenance
  • Telecommunications transmission equipment
  • Windows for cleaning and repairs
  • Skylights for cleaning and repairs
  • Roof areas to retrieve objects
  • Roof areas for inspection and maintenance
  • Eaves and fascias for repairs, painting

Site assessments are conducted in accordance with Australian Standards and the hierarchy of controls as demanded by state codes, and legislation is observed throughout the audit. Your Workplace Access & Safety audit includes full documentation – contact us to see a sample risk assessment report

Workplace Wing is an expert in this field – click here to read more about how businesses took the high road on height safety.

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