Height Safety Design

Safety and compliance demands the right equipment in the right configuration

Design a working at height system that keeps your people safe, complies with the rules and is easy to manage.

Have Workplace Wing’s experts design the ideal fall prevention solution with you or provide expert opinion on an existing design.

Specialist height safety designers review architect’s drawings and advise how to eliminate risks and reduce the need for specialist equipment. The result is lower construction costs, greater safety and stronger compliance.

Workplace Wing takes a three-step approach:

Step 1: Risk Assessment
In a highly visual report, we identify hazards and apply the hierarchy of control for working at heights or façade access. Your Workplace Wing height safety consultant assesses risks in accordance with the likelihood and severity of injury based on the scope of works.

Step 2: Design
Answering the risk assessment, Workplace Wing designs height safety controls for each of the hazards in line with the Safety in Design Code of Practice, Australian Standards, fall prevention legislation and the WHS Act.

Step 3: Cost estimates

We’ll provide detailed costings encapsulating fabrication, equipment and installation.

The result is a detailed plan documenting how to meet your obligations under Work Health and Safety legislation and fall prevention codes and standards.

Speak to Workplace Wing today to learn more about how easy it is to meet you obligations.