Defender™ Staircases

Talk to Workplace Wing about a Defender™ staircase for your site – undoubtedly the safest form of access to a raised area. Users can carry equipment safely and comfortably – even without a particularly high level of skill or fitness.

Staircases can be built internally or externally at gradients of between 26.5 and 45 degrees. Workplace Wing can also assist with solutions for other gradients: cleated walkways for less than 26.5 degrees and ladders for gradients of more than 45 degrees.

To make the stairs safe and comfortable to use, Workplace Wing matches them with Defender™ guardrails to suit your building and operations. And, although they’re tailored perfectly to your site, Workplace Wing staircases are stored in our warehouse in kit form so that your new stairs can be installed quickly.

Contact Workplace Wing for a risk assessment and audit of your staircases.

All Defender™ staircases meet AS 1657:2013. To find out more about Defender™ staircases and OHS compliance, speak with a Workplace Wing fall prevention specialist.

NEW: Defender™ Fall Prevention Equipment Range Guides 

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