Defender™ Platforms

Built to last, Defender™ platforms are the simple and safe way to access mechanical plant.

Compliance with Australian Standards and state law

So you can be sure your people are protected and your liability is minimised, Defender™ platforms comply with AS 1657-2013: Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation.

Defender™ platforms are always preferable to working from ladders. Workplace Wing can incorporate roof anchors and static lines to the systems. Read more about how Defender™ platforms fit into the hierarchy of controls.

Platforms built to last

Defender™ platforms and guardrail systems are manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminium or steel and are engineered for structural soundness.

  • All installations are conducted by technicians with specialised training.
  • Defender™ platform, ladder and guardrail systems are fabricated to suit your site from standard systems ensuring short lead times for your installation.
  • The Defender™ platforms are made from non-corrosive aluminium or steel. Any steel components are hot-dipped galvanised or finished to your requirements.

Defender™ platforms for asbestos roofs

No matter what your roof type, there’s a platform to suit. Workplace Wing specialises in installing platforms onto asbestos roofs for safe access to mechanical plant.

Defender™ platforms for cooling towers

Cooling tower access can be made simple too. Defender™ platforms are custom-built from standard extrusions incorporating fixed ladder access for easy maintenance access.

NEW: Defender™ Fall Prevention Equipment Range Guides 

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