Anchor Inspection

Inspect your anchors

You’re risking court and his life if your roof anchors aren’t inspected

Fact: By law, roof anchors and static lines need to be tested, inspected and recertified every 12 months in NSW, ACT and Tasmania and every 6 months in Victoria, Queensland, WA and NT.

Fact: Testing and recertification must be carried out by qualified technicians.

Each anchor and the static line system must be inspected and chemically set anchors tested to 50% of their load limits. The cable of the static line needs to be retensioned every 12 months or 6 months, depending on your state. The tests must be carried out by qualified technicians and the results recorded so WorkCover inspectors can verify your equipment is capable of saving a life.

The bottom line: If the certification of your roof anchors and static lines isn’t current, your business and the controller of the workplace are risking court. More importantly, your people are risking their lives working on your roof.