Our Accreditations

Workplace Wing’s operations and services are independently accredited by key testing and standards associations:

NATA Accreditation
NATA Accredited Testing
NATA is the authority that provides independent assurance of technical competence through a proven network of best practice industry experts. The criteria for determining a facility’s competence are based on the relevant international standard (e.g. ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 15189, ISO/IEC 17020). NATA provides assessment, accreditation and training services to laboratories and technical facilities throughout Australia and internationally. Visit the NATA website and search either ‘Workplace Wing’ or ‘19106’ to verify our accreditation.


Certified Inspector
Workplace Wing are an accredited inspector of the Defender range of height safety products.


Nationally Recognised Training
Nationally Recognised Training
Workplace Wing Installers are trained by Height Safety market leaders and Nationally Registered Training Organisation – Workplace Access & Safety, (Unit RIIWHS204D: Work Safely at Heights).

NATA answer "how often should I inspect my height safety equipment?"